7 quick hits of cannabis news from across Michigan

By Kyle Kaminski

May 13, 2024

MICHIGAN—Cannabis is a big deal in Michigan—and there’s never a shortage of newsworthy headlines from the industry as the state inches closer to becoming the nation’s weed capital.

Here are seven things you need to know this week:

CANNABIS IN COMMUNITY: The surge in demand for legal weed has not only transformed the landscape of Michigan’s economy, but also revitalized communities that have allowed recreational cannabis businesses to open, according to reports from Detroit Metro Times. That includes more than $87 million in tax revenue sent to 269 municipalities statewide in 2023.

GREENER GREENERY: Michigan dispensaries are set to rake in more cash as the federal government moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug—namely because moving cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule III substance would reportedly make more Michigan cannabis companies eligible for certain federal tax deductions and other tax incentives.

MICHIGAN MOMENT: Rescheduling cannabis is expected to have little immediate impacts for how the cannabis market operates in Michigan, but the possibility of new tax breaks for marijuana retailers could reportedly translate to even lower cannabis prices for consumers.

NEXT STEPS: Democrats in the US Senate recently introduced legislation to take things a step further by decriminalizing cannabis altogether. The bill would reportedly remove weed from the list of controlled substances and also automatically expunge weed-related criminal convictions.

FRESH DROP: Wrestling star Ric Flair has brought his cannabis brand to Michigan through a new partnership with Goldkine. The initial lineup of Ric Flair Drip products reportedly includes flower and pre-rolls at every Puff, Consume, Exclusive, and Joyology store across the state.

FUNNY BUSINESS: A city councilman in northern Michigan is facing criticism after reporters at MLive discovered that a real estate firm linked to him had benefited from legal weed sales in town—including $69,000 in profit last October from property flipped to a marijuana business.

HIDE YOUR STASH: Education leaders are reportedly calling on state officials to address a rise in marijuana use at some Michigan schools, voicing concern that too many students are using vape pens and consuming candy-like edibles that are commonly available at dispensaries.

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7 quick hits of cannabis news from across Michigan

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  • Kyle Kaminski

    Kyle Kaminski is an award-winning investigative journalist with more than a decade of experience covering news across Michigan. Prior to joining The ‘Gander, Kyle worked as the managing editor at City Pulse in Lansing and as a reporter for the Traverse City Record-Eagle.



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