Photo of a painting of Eva Hamilton. Courtesy the Archives of Michigan.
Michigan Led the Way to Women’s Suffrage — Thanks to This Grand Rapids Activist

"I think no one has done better work for the cause than you," Michigan's then-Governor said of suffrage advocate Eva Hamilton in 1912.

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Is Singing to Your Sweetheart Really Illegal in Kalamazoo? Here Are Michigan’s Seven Oddest Laws.

Dyeing a sparrow and calling it a parakeet. Abandoning your hoop skirt. In some Michigan communities, odd laws like these are still on the books.

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Michigan’s County Clerks are Still Living Through the 2020 Election

This is what the effort to keep 2020's election alive looks like on the ground.

FILE - In this Nov. 1, 2020, file photo, people carry signs supporting voting rights and former Vice President Joe Biden, during a "Souls to the Polls" march in Model City, Miami. A tough road lies ahead for Biden who will need to chart a path forward to unite a bitterly divided nation and address America’s fraught history of racism that manifested this year through the convergence of three national crises. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File)
A Loophole in Michigan Lets Laws Get Passed Without Checks and Balances

Passing a law in Michigan in 2021 looks less like Schoolhouse Rock and more like schoolyard drama thanks to a loophole in our Constitution.

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These 5 Small-Town Haunted Attractions Bring Fright to Michigan’s Thumb

Festive frights aren't that far from your neighborhood. Michigan's Thumb is a prime example.

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5 Migrating Birds Passing Through Michigan in Fall 2021

From ducks to hummingbirds, migration season is a great time to observe nature. 

Photo courtesy the Office of Haley Stevens
How Rep. Haley Stevens is Fostering Entrepreneurship in Michigan Women

The daughter of a woman entrepreneur, Rep. Haley Stevens has a passion for helping women-owned businesses.