Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Constellation Cat Cafe via Unsplash.

By Dorothy Scott

May 28, 2024

It’s no secret that cat cafés have become commonplace across the United States—rabbit and other animal-themed cafés have increasingly popped up, too—and we in Michigan are lucky to have more than a few sprinkled across the state.

If you haven’t heard of these adorable establishments, all you need to know is that these cafés are the perfect respite for our busy lives. You get to indulge in delicious drinks—think coffee, tea, and other refreshing beverages—and tasty pastries while mingling with the cutest critters around.

Some cat cafés only host their cats until they get adopted, while others essentially keep their kitties for their entire lives. In either case, you’re practically guaranteed to have a good time when you pop into one no matter if you stop for an after-work pick-me-up or head in on the weekend for a restful afternoon.

But with many cat cafés across the Great Lake State, how do you know which one to visit? While you’ll likely choose by location (we can’t blame you there, especially in this economy!), you can also consider the pros and cons of each to get the most out of your time and money. Without further ado, here’s our ranking of Michigan’s cat cafés.

7. Catfé Lounge (Ferndale)

Location: 686 Livernois Street, Ferndale MI 48220

Entry Cost: $15

Description: Let’s be clear: There are no bad cat cafés here (all cats are good cats). However, some end up just surpassing others, which is the case with Catfé Lounge landing in (un)lucky spot #7.

Catfé Lounge is first and foremost a cat adoption shelter, and this shows in its payment policy. You pay a $15 donation to spend time in the lounge, but if you end up adopting a cat, that money will factor into your adoption fees, bringing down the price and helping get more cats into homes.

Catfé Lounge offers basic coffee and tea, so while you can enjoy a nice refreshment while relaxing with the kitties, you shouldn’t head here expecting a barista to prepare specialty drinks for you. Still, despite this entry being more “cat” and less “café,” you’re bound to have a great time if you’re an animal lover—and a good, classic cup of coffee never hurt, either.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Catfe Lounge via Facebook.

6. Karma Kat Cafe (Mt. Pleasant)

Location: 612 E Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

Entry Cost: $10

Description: Karma Kat Cafe. The pros at Karma Kat Cafe are great: Visits are “$10 or less per person,” and unlike other cafés, you’re not only paying for 30 minutes or an hour. Instead, your entry fee covers you for “as long as you like.” So, you could come for 15 minutes or two hours—the choice is entirely up to you.

However, the biggest downside is that Karma Kate Cafe doesn’t really live up to the café part of its name. Instead of coffee shop drinks, which one would associate with the word “café,” only traditional coffee is served here. One Google reviewer even called the drink situation “sub par,” noting that there’s “just a coffee maker” there. Still, all of the other reviews are full of glowing recommendations, including tons of folks discussing their positive adoption stories at Karma Kat Cafe. If you’re in the area, definitely check this one out.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Karma Kat Cafe & Karma Kat Rescue via Facebook.

5. Kzoo Cat Cafe and Rescue (Kalamazoo)

Location: 4221 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Entry Cost: $10-$15

Description: “Friendly and helpful staff. Wonderful kitties. Great selection of self serve beverages and snacks.” If this Google review sounds promising to you, you might want to head to Kzoo Cat Cafe and Rescue for lots of kitty petting.

Kzoo facilitates adoptions due to also being a rescue, with many Google reviewers noting that the cats they’ve adopted from Kzoo were incredibly loved before being taken to their new homes. Reviewers have also noted 40+ cats roaming throughout the café, so there are definitely enough kitties to go around, making your entry payment well worth it. Speaking of payments, the standard entry is $15, while certain days and times are discounted to $10.

One of our favorite aspects of Kzoo Cat Cafe and Rescue is its nail-trimming service. Keeping cats’ nails taken care of is paramount, and Kzoo offers its “pedicure” services for just $10, which is a steal compared to most vet offices. Ultimately, what Kzoo does for its community is unparalleled, but its limited drink selection holds it back on our list.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Kzoo Cat Cafe and Rescue via Facebook.

4. Black Cat Beanery (Lake Orion)

Location: 1192 S Lapeer Rd, Orion Twp, MI 48360

Entry Cost: $11-$15

Description: Coming in at #4 on our list is Black Cat Beanery, Lake Orion’s premier cat café that serves up drinks, treats, and all-around good times. This is so true that Black Cat Beanery offers a monthly membership to give café frequenters a discount for supporting the business. Where regular trips to the café are $15, the monthly membership is only $11 and gets you into the café once—so you save $4 per month on your visit. Each trip to Black Cat Beanery includes your baked good of choice and your beverage (hot or cold), and you get to hang out with the kitties for an hour at a time.

Black Cat Beanery is beloved by the Lake Orion community, as evidenced by its positive Google reviews. “Beautiful and very clean. The staff are beyond friendly and the fresh homemade baked goods are amazing,” wrote one reviewer. Others mention that they especially love this café’s merch, which we must admit is purr-fectly cute.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Black Cat Beanery via Facebook.

3. Cozy Cats Cafe (Sanford)

Location: 330 Saginaw Rd, Sanford, MI 48657

Entry Cost: $8-$12

Description: Like Black Cat Beanery, Cozy Cats Cafe’s memberships help it stand out from other cat cafés in Michigan. Here, your membership allows endless fun (read: unlimited visits), which is the main reason why it’s outranked Black Cat Beanery on our list. The monthly package comes in at $40, while the yearly package will put you out $400—a great deal when you compare the two prices. Otherwise, visits are $12 for most folks, while veterans always receive free entry.

Cozy Cats’ menu also helps start it apart. In addition to basic coffee and tea drinks, one can sip on delicious boba tea here—and we’re not sure there’s much better than an hour of sipping boba and petting cuddly kitties.

Finally, folks particularly love the owner of Cozy Cats Cafe. “The owner, Crystal, treats you like a close friend or family member,” one Google reviewer wrote of their visit before adding, “The cafe is very cute and has a great selection of yummy drinks/baked goods. The adoptable cats are friendly and loved very much by the staff.” Intrigued yet?

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Cozy Cats Cafe via Facebook.

2. Happy Cat Cafe (Grand Rapids)

Location: 447 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Entry Cost: $7-$30

Description: Happy Cats Cafe is an LGBTQ+ and women-owned spot in Grand Rapids, and it’s one of the best animal cafés in Michigan. Interested parties can make reservations directly on the Happy Cats Cafe website, with stays ranging from 30 minutes to three hours (and prices rising the longer your stay). Do note that weekday and weekend prices differ at each level, with weekends costing a few dollars more.

Unlike other cafés on this list, Happy Cat offers a full specialty drink menu, giving visitors a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Did we mention the drink names are cat puns? For instance, there’s the Meow-cha Latte (read: vanilla matcha latte), or you could get the Raspberry Paw Print (read: latte flavored with white chocolate, raspberry, and almond). There are many more to choose from, including non-caffeinated beverages (think fruity mocktails), so you’ll virtually never run out of new menu items to try. Oh, and Happy Cat has non-food goods, too, like cat toys and catnip holders.

Ultimately, visitors are in good hands here, and we can’t ever imagine leaving Happy Cat and not having had the best time.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Happy Cat Cafe via Facebook.

1. Constellation Cat Cafe (Lansing)

Location: 3320 E Lake Lansing Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823

Entry Cost: $15 for 1 hour + a drink

Description: Lansing’s Constellation Cat Cafe has claimed the top spot on our list for several reasons. It has the largest menu of drinks for patrons to choose from; its website is incredibly intuitive, hosting rules for playing with the cats, various visitation packages, adoption information, and so much more; and its prices are reasonable, including its group packages being well-priced when broken down to a per-person rate. While some cat café only offer soda and basic coffee, Constellation runs like a full coffee shop, boasting matcha lattes, iced coffees, chai tea, seasonal beverages (the apple pie-inspired chai particularly caught our eyes!), and much more.

Constellation even offers a mini-visit for $10, granting visitors who may not have a lot of time on their hands a half hour of delight. Just note that this tier doesn’t include a drink, but you can purchase a drink separately if desired.

Finally, Constellation keeps its Instagram up to date with the kitties currently up for adoption, and the café accepts volunteers, making it easy to hang out with cuddle cats no matter whether you can have one at home or not.

Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best

Photo courtesy of Constellation Cat Cafe via Facebook.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Michigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to bestMichigan’s 7 cat cafes, ranked from worst to best




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