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3 Things to Know About Rep. Matt Koleszar, Candidate for Michigan’s 22nd House District (Livonia, Northville, Plymouth)

This former AP government teacher says he's running for reelection to protect democracy and strengthen public education in Michigan.

Authorities have detected the high levels of PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in deer in several states, including Michigan.
‘Forever Chemicals’ in Deer Pose Challenges for Michigan Hunters

Wildlife agencies across the US are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer—and that's prompting health advisories in places like Michigan, where hunting and fishing are ways of life and key pieces of the economy.

The Flint water plant tower is seen, Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022, in Flint. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File)
Jury to Begin Deliberations in Flint Water Case Over Liability for Engineers

Jurors heard closing arguments Thursday in the only trial to arise thus far from the Flint water crisis. Deliberations begin Monday.

Some Michigan coffee shops focus on more than just good coffee.
12 Local Coffee Shops That Care About Michigan

Plenty of local Michigan coffee shops are committed to ethically conscious, environmentally friendly, and inclusively owned business practices.

What’s Up With Morels? A Newbie Follows a Pro Hunter Into the Woods

As Angelina sweeps her walking stick across the forest floor, combing back the untamed foliage, I scan the area. I’ve been told to look for little brown caps rising from the undergrowth. I excitedly point one out, but it’s just a dead leaf. Angelina tells me that’s normal.  I spend a lot of time in...

Foraging Tips to Help Michiganders Find True Morel Mushrooms

While May is Michigan’s “Morel Month,” the actual fruiting period begins in late April and goes until mid-June. Before heading out to hunt, it’s important to know how to identify any wild mushroom before eating it.