Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

By Kyle Kaminski

October 19, 2023

We asked. You answered. We made a list. These are the brands that are growing the best marijuana in Michigan, according to readers of the MichiGanja Report.

MICHIGAN—The numbers don’t lie: Michiganders love to smoke weed.

The latest state sales reports show that more than $6.1 billion worth of cannabis products have been sold across Michigan since voters legalized marijuana for recreational use about five years ago—including about $270 million in retail sales tracked during the month of September alone. 

And while Michiganders have fueled those sales by trying all sorts of new cannabis-infused candies, snacks, beverages, and other goodies in recent years, statistics show that Michigan’s favorite cannabis product is also one of its most classic: A good, old-fashioned bag of weed.

Every month for the last five years, the vast majority of the monthly sales tracked at Michigan’s pot shops have been from flower—which includes bags of marijuana and pre-rolled joints.

But with hundreds of brands on the market nowadays, choosing which weed to buy can sometimes be a chore. Thankfully, readers of The MichiGanja Report know their stuff.

Over the last month, hundreds of readers submitted hundreds of recommendations for their all-time favorite cannabis brands in Michigan. The following list features the 10 companies that were among the most frequently cited as growing the best weed in the state of Michigan:

710 Labs

One of the biggest (and most expensive) names in cannabis is also a relative newcomer to Michigan—and if you haven’t had a chance to splurge on their products, you’re missing out.

Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

(Courtesy/710 Labs)

710 Labs has developed a knack for producing some of the highest quality bud, vape pods, and concentrates on the planet. And before this year, Michiganders had to travel all the way to Colorado, California, or Florida to get their hands on the company’s award-winning products.

What makes them so special? Everything is grown organically, without pesticides, and in small, hand-trimmed batches. Those rigorous quality standards have helped the company earn a wide array of accolades and a nationwide reputation for producing the absolute best of the best.

MichiGanja Report readers have been smoking weed for collective centuries, and have tried hundreds of brands on the market in Michigan—and many of them said that nobody is growing better weed than 710 Labs. Find a list of dispensaries that carry 710 Labs products here

Doghouse Cannabis

Doghouse Cannabis launched in Washington State in 2015 and has since gained a reputation (especially on the West Coast) for growing some of the most potent and flavorful weed on the market today. Founder Jon Hudnall—who gained the eponymous nickname “Hound Dog” during his time in the military—reportedly learned how to grow with some of the earliest pioneers of the cannabis industry from the 70s and 80s, and has been passing down his lessons ever since.

In 2020, a “friends and family” co-ownership deal led Hudnall to expand operations into Michigan, and those same legendary West Coast strains were planted in the Motor City. Three years later, the result is a carefully curated collection of marijuana that MichiGanja readers say is among the best in the state. Find Doghouse products at more than 200 retailers in Michigan

Glorious Cannabis Co. 

Glorious Cannabis Co. is a Rochester Hills-based cannabis producer and distributor known primarily for its ultra-potent pre-rolled joints, which are often infused with hash or hash oil. The company reportedly entered Michigan’s marijuana market in 2019. And nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dispensary that doesn’t keep at least a few of its products on the shelves.

Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

(Courtesy/Glorious Cannabis)

MichiGanja Report readers said the company grows some of the most flavorful and consistently potent weed in the state. Company officials credit their success to the extra time they take during each step of the harvest to listen to what the plants need and handle them with care.

According to the company website: “We started Glorious because we saw too many subpar products making it to market in this great cannabis revolution we are in. Too many people cutting corners for a quick buck. We know this plant is glorious, and we wanted to bring back old-school hard work, patience, and pride back to cultivation. We cut buds, not corners.”

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Glorious Cannabis Co. products. 

Heavyweight Heads

Heavyweight Heads bills itself as a culture-driven cannabis company that specializes in “premium indoor marijuana that sets a high bar in genetics and supreme quality.” And according to readers of the MichiGanja Report, that description might just be an understatement. 

The company reportedly selects all of its strains based on their flavor profiles and terpene content instead of just growing whatever flavorless junk will score them the largest yields or highest THC percentages. That might make Heavyweight Heads products a little pricier than your bargain bud, but MichiGanja Report readers said it’s well worth the extra couple of bucks.

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Heavyweight Heads products. 

Old School Organics

As the name implies, Old School Organics only cultivates organic weed—meaning it’s all bud grown in real soil instead of various (cheaper) artificial substrates. Each of the 2,000 plants blooming in the Lapeer facility is also hand watered—and they aren’t pumped full of chemicals commonly used in larger-scale cultivation operations. Think of it like the weed your grandpa used to grow, if your grandpa was an award-winning caregiver with decades of experience.

Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

(Courtesy/Old School Organics)

According to readers, spending the extra time (and money) to produce a superior product is worth the extra effort. Newbie smokers might be tricked into thinking all weed is the same. But at Old School Organics, readers say they can taste the difference—including a richer flavor profile, a smoother smoke and, perhaps most importantly, a higher concentration of terpenes. 

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Old School Organics products. 

Pro Gro 

Pro Gro is the cultivation arm behind Pure Options, a Lansing-based chain of dispensaries that grows its weed inside an old bowling alley that used to be called “Pro Bowl.” 

The former medical marijuana caregivers who started the company were active supporters of the campaign to legalize cannabis for recreational use in Michigan and have now spent nearly a decade building out a massive collection of more than 80 different marijuana strains.

MichiGanja Report readers reportedly cited Pro Gro as among the best in the business—specifically for its Moonbow strain and relatively affordable pricing structure. 

Click here to find a list of Pure Options dispensaries that carry Pro Gro products. 

Rare Michigan Genetics

Rare Michigan Genetics is a cannabis cultivation company based in Kalamazoo, which MichiGanja Report readers have routinely cited as growing the best weed in Michigan. 

And that’s likely because of the rigid consistency applied to every crop.

Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

(Courtesy/Rare Michigan Genetics)

The company uses fully automated grow rooms, which allow budtenders to control (and tweak) every possible variable throughout the cultivation process. According to its website, the company also splurges on higher-quality nutrients to produce healthier crops—and better weed.

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Rare Michigan Genetics products. 

Redemption Cannabis

Redemption Cannabis was founded by longtime marijuana activist and former medical marijuana caregiver Ryan Basore, who in 2014 pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison on 13 federal charges tied to what was then a sizable illegal pot growing operation.

After getting released, Basore also played a big role in helping push Michigan’s campaign to legalize marijuana over the finish line in 2018. Today, his company produces some of the most affordable and consistently potent weed on the market, according to MichiGanja Report readers.

The brand’s main cultivator is Driven Grow, a Frederic-based company owned by former patient and caregiver Drew Driver. Among its most highly-rated strains are Mafia Funeral, Gooberry, Pineapple Express, and Forbidden Jelly—which are available as prepackaged bud or pre-rolls.

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Redemption Cannabis products.

Summit Cannabis

Summit Cannabis is a Colorado-based company that operates a cultivation facility along the  north shore of Lake Huron in the Upper Peninsula. According to the company website, it was launched with a “profound appreciation for the positive effects that cannabis brings to the world.”

Reader’s choice: 10 brands growing the best weed in Michigan

(Courtesy/Summit Cannabis)

Readers repeatedly credited the company for growing some of the best weed in the state. Plus, every package comes with a cute little mason jar that’ll help keep your stash from going stale.

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Summit Cannabis products.

Terple Gang

Terple Gang is a Lansing-based collective of marijuana cultivators with decades of experience growing ultra-premium cannabis. And many MichiGanja Report readers think it’s well worth reaching to the top shelf at their local pot shop in order to get their hands on its products.

According to the company website, Terple Gang intentionally selects only “exotic” genetics that are well-suited for indoor environments and only produce flower that is “sticky-icky to the touch.” And unlike some pot brands, none of their pre-rolls are ever filled with shake—only full buds.

Click here to find a list of dispensaries that carry Terple Gang products. 

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