Celebrate love & equality at these 8 Pride festivals in Michigan

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of OutFront Kalamazoo via Facebook.

By Dorothy Scott

May 7, 2024

Being out and proud in Michigan is easier than ever thanks to queer pioneers’ pushes toward equality and equity. Michigan’s queer history is rich, with gay Michiganders being covered in the press as early as 1970 (more than a decade before the AIDS epidemic began) and openly trans organizations popping up beginning in 1977. Since then, acceptance has come a long way, and Michiganders across the state turn out in droves every summer to celebrate Pride Month—and beyond.

That’s right: Some Michigan cities hold their pride festivals, parades, and more past June. It’s unclear whether this is to avoid competing to pull in guests or not, but no matter the reason, it works out well for locals, as it means they can attend more pride events and extend their yearly celebrations.

Curious about which pride events you should attend in Michigan this year? We’ve gathered eight festivals that draw passionate people—LGBTQ+ individuals and allies alike—and create wonderful senses of community year after year.

1. Motor City Pride Festival

Location: Hart Plaza (1 West Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48226)

Date(s): June 8-9, 2024

Cost: $5 (12 and under enter free)

Description: Each summer, the Motor City Pride Festival unites more than 60,000 people in downtown Detroit in the name of uplifting and celebrating queer and trans lives. Naturally, this makes it the biggest pride festival in the Great Lake State. It’s no surprise then that weapons and pets aren’t permitted, and smoking is only allowed in predetermined zones.

But what can you look forward to experiencing? Well, the entertainment schedule for 2024 hasn’t been released yet, but past years’ lineups have included DJs, drag performers (including contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”), singers, and more.

No matter who’s booked this year, you’re nearly guaranteed to have a good time. This rings especially true on the food front, as 14 vendors are currently booked to sell a variety of delicious dishes and drinks. (Stay hydrated, folks!)

Note: You can watch the pride parade for free. The entrance fee is only for the festival.

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Motor City Pride via Facebook.

2. Grand Rapids Pride Fest

Location: Calder Plaza (320 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)

Date(s): June 22, 2024

Cost: Free (Donations welcome)

Description: Grand Rapids’ Pride Month celebrations date back to 1988, with the event entering year 36 of bringing the Grand Rapids metropolitan area together for a day of love and laughs.

Grand Rapids Pride Fest hasn’t released its entertainment schedule yet, but the event’s official website specifies that no parade will be held this year—only the festival. That said, the festival is slated to slay, as its official theme is “Unapologetically Proud.”

The site’s FAQs elaborate that no pets, signs, or banners are allowed, but this shouldn’t stop anyone from beaming from the time they arrive until they leave. For a sample of what’s to come, we can lean on the official city of Grand Rapids’ website, which notes that attendees can expect “a street fair, live entertainment, and food trucks.”

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Pride Festival via Facebook.

3. Holland Pride

Location: 451 Columbia Avenue, Suite C, Holland, MI 49423

Date(s): June 29, 2024

Cost: Free

Description: This year marks Holland Pride’s 21st year in action, and it’s cemented itself as a yearly tradition for everyone of all ages to get in on. Holland Pride is put together by Out On The Lakeshore, a community center focused on uplifting LGBTQ+ individuals in western Michigan, and it’s part of a lineup of pride-themed events, including panels, poetry contests, open mics, 5ks, and more.

“Holland has needed a place like OOTL for many years. It is now here. I am so grateful,” one testimonial on Out On The Lakeshore’s website reads. While details for this year’s festival remain tight-lipped, the event was recognized as a valuable experience for the community at the Holland Choice Community Awards in late April.

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Holland Pride via Facebook.

4. Kalamazoo Pride

Location: Arcadia Creek Festival Place (157 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI 49007)

Date(s): June 7-8, 2024

Cost: $8 per day / $15 for 2-day pass (12 and under attend free)

Description: Kalamazoo might not be as big as Detroit or Grand Rapids, but it still sees about 8,000 folks come together each summer to celebrate at Kalamazoo Pride. Here, you can get a taste of just about everything you need at a good pride festival: drag shows, live music, the best local food, and so much more.

Entertainment details have yet to be released, but you’re in for a treat nonetheless, especially as Kalamazoo Pride’s parent company OutFront notes on its website that vendor slots have officially sold out. The company also says, “[Pride] is the opposite of shame and social stigma – and Kalamazoo Pride is a way to raise visibility, galvanize our victories and come together as a community so we all may live OutFront.”

5. Flint Pride in the Park

Location: Riverbank Park (100 Saginaw Street, Flint, MI 48502)

Date(s): June 29, 2024

Cost: N/A

Description: Hosted by Wellness Services, a company aimed at “promoting the health of historically excluded communities,” Flint Pride in the Park is entering its 14th year, and though this number is smaller than some other pride events’ tenures, Flint knows how to pack a punch with its fun.

Pride in the Park is one of Flint’s biggest events of the year, averaging more than 15 performers, 60 vendors, and 5,000 attendees every year. According to a recent Facebook post, Flint Pride in the Park will feature 12 drag performances and seven other performances, though applications have only just begun being processed.

Ultimately, is a momentous occasion—a true celebration—for a city that has been through so much over the last several decades. It goes to show that community really does mean everything at the end of the day. (Again, no specific performers have been announced yet, but you’re sure to be delighted when they are.)

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Flint Pride via Facebook.

6. Lansing Pride

Location: Old Town Lansing, Lansing, MI 48906

Date(s): June 22, 2024

Cost: N/A

Description: To no one’s surprise, Michigan’s capital city is throwing a fierce pride festival this year. Lansing Pride’s headlining performer is none other than recent “RuPaul’s Drug Race” alum Loosey LaDuca, with other music and drag artists set to take the stage throughout the day, too.

Fighting back against harmful rhetoric, Lansing Pride will also feature Drag Queen Story Hour—among other kid-friendly activities—for all the younguns in attendance. After your favorite performer leaves the stage, you can roam through the rows of vendors — did we mention there will be about 200 different vendors set up to show off and sell their crafts and wares?

Ultimately, if you can make it to Lansing Pride, you don’t want to miss it. It puts mad respect on the state’s name as its capital.

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Lansing Pride via Facebook.

7. Ann Arbor Pride

Location: 298 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Date(s): August 3, 2024

Cost: N/A

Description: Ann Arbor Pride has been a staple celebration in the city for nearly 30 years, and it’s showing zero signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s coming two months after Pride Month, which will hopefully mean a higher attendance rate due to not conflicting with other pride events.

Because it’s coming later in the year than other festivals, less is known about Ann Arbor Pride other than its date and location. That said, the event’s website notes that it’s accepting vendor and sponsor applications—and there’s an official Facebook page where folks can mark if they’re planning to attend—so it’s undoubtedly happening.

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Ann Arbor Pride via Facebook.

8. Pride Fest 2024

Location: Ellwood Mattson Lower Harbor Park (200 N Lakeshore Blvd, Marquette, MI 49855)

Date(s): June 8, 2024

Cost: N/A

Description: Marquette’s Pride Fest 2024 hasn’t offered up many details to prospective attendees just yet, but its official website explains that fest-goers can marvel at art installations, indulge in fun games, become entranced by drag shows, enjoy delectable local foods, and more. This festival’s website doesn’t offer statistics like others’ websites, but based on the site’s banner image, Marquette’s Pride Fest sees a great turnout, which shouldn’t be surprising given that it’s the Upper Peninsula’s biggest city.

Celebrate Love & Equality At These 8 Pride Festivals In Michigan

Photo courtesy of Up North Pride via Facebook.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Celebrate love & equality at these 8 Pride festivals in MichiganCelebrate love & equality at these 8 Pride festivals in Michigan




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