Reader’s Choice: 6 brands making the best cannabis concentrates in Michigan

By Kyle Kaminski

May 28, 2024

Michiganders know their weed—so we asked thousands of them to let us know about the best cannabis concentrates at their local dispensaries. Here’s what they told us.

MICHIGAN—In the modern world of marijuana, many stoners are trading in their rolling papers for dab rigs and vape pens in search of the purest, most potent high that cannabis can provide.

Whether it’s for the intense flavors, the efficiency, or the sheer potency, concentrates have become the go-to choice for Michiganders looking to elevate their experience with weed.

In fact, concentrates now account for nearly 20% of the sales at Michigan’s dispensaries. But picking which brands to buy can be a challenge, especially with so many different products lining the shelves and prices still holding steady at one of their lowest points in state history.

Thankfully, MichiGanja Report readers have some recommendations—or six of them.

Over the last month, hundreds of readers recommended their favorite brands of cannabis concentrates—including budder, crumble, hash, resin, rosin, sauce, shatter, sugar, and wax. We crunched the numbers, and the following list features the six brands that were among the most frequently cited for producing the best dab-able cannabis products on the market in Michigan:

710 Labs

This California brand arrived in Michigan last year and has very quickly developed a reputation for producing some of the highest quality, small-batch cannabis products to ever hit the market.

Reader’s Choice: 6 brands making the best cannabis concentrates in Michigan

Over the last several months, MichiGanja Report readers have recognized 710 Labs for growing some of the best weed in the state and then using it to create some of Michigan’s best vape pens. So, it only makes sense that our readers also seem to enjoy its raw concentrates, too.

“Quality over everything” is the motto at 710 Labs. And because none of their concentrates are ever made with chemical solvents, dabbers can expect nothing but the purest cannabis flavors.

Pro Tip: 710 Labs’ best (and most expensive) products are labeled “Persy.” It’s short for “personal,” because they supposedly come straight from the company’s personal stash.

Five Star Extracts

Five Star Extracts is part of a family of cannabis brands operated by True North Collective, which launched in Michigan in 2019 and maintains both cultivation and processing licenses and produces flower, concentrates, and a variety of infused products like edibles and pre-rolls.

MichiGanja Report readers credited this company for producing some of the state’s most highly sought-after concentrates—including an out-of-this-world sugar sauce that’s also available in vape cartridges for stoners who don’t want to waste time heating up a dab rig.

Pro Tip: If you also like edibles, you’ll want to try something from True North Confections, which uses the same cannabis concentrates to produce ultra-potent gummies and other fun sweets.


This Michigan-based company was formed with a singular mission—and that’s to produce the “finest and cleanest” strain-specific concentrates on the market, according to its website.

Reader’s Choice: 6 brands making the best cannabis concentrates in Michigan

Humblebee concentrates aim to capture the true essence of each marijuana strain, including their distinct flavors and terpene profiles. And if you open a jar and take a whiff, our readers say you’ll know immediately what sets this company apart from other concentrates on the market.

Pro Tip: Check out Humblebee’s live resin products for the purest cannabis experience. By freezing their weed right after it’s harvested, the company says it’s able to retain nearly all of each plant’s original flavors, fragrances, and cannabinoids in an ultra-potent, concentrated form.

Gold Crown

This Michigan-based company was reportedly born over a cup of coffee between two high school friends, who had a vision to “create the most flavorful dabs the world has ever seen.”

And because Gold Crown doesn’t actually grow any of its own cannabis, the team has been able to focus its attention almost exclusively on state-of-the-art extraction procedures designed to get the most naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids out of every plant.

Readers recommended this brand for those in search of some of Michigan’s tastiest cannabis concentrates—including live resin, crumble, shatter, sugar, and budder. With dozens of dispensaries carrying Gold Crown products, they’re also widely available across the state.

North Coast Extracts

North Coast is a Michigan-based cannabis processing company that collaborates with other cultivation companies across the state to produce a variety of concentrates—including hash rosin, which is then used in a variety of infused pre-rolled joints sold by several different brands.

Reader’s Choice: 6 brands making the best cannabis concentrates in Michigan

In recent years, the company has worked with Epic Gardens, Happy Little Trees, Kai Cultivation, Pure Options, Lightsky Farms, Peninsula Garden, MKX, and several other Michigan marijuana companies to produce some of the state’s most highly-acclaimed cannabis concentrates.

Pro Tip: The company’s latest collaboration with Pressure Pack has resulted in some of the best live rosin to ever grace the shelves at Michigan dispensaries, according to our readers.

Superior Solventless

Superior Flowers is a microbusiness in Bay City that proudly controls every aspect of cannabis production—from harvest to solventless extraction—in order to produce some of the state’s most highly acclaimed concentrates. And MichiGanja Report readers can’t seem to get enough.

Every strain is hand-selected to “provide the best cannabis experience with a relentless commitment to quality and innovation,” and grown in small batches, according to the company website. Readers say that attention to detail shines through in just about everything it produces.

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Reader’s Choice: 6 brands making the best cannabis concentrates in Michigan

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